Еко-освітаВесна у розпалі! Чудова нагода, щоб навести лад у наших містах, містечках та селах: толока! І не тільки! Адже крім чистого, нам потрібен добре спланований, продуманий, ергономічний та інноваційний простір. Сьогодні старт-міста та містечка – це вже не новинка, це необхідність. А всьому новому і незнаному потрібно навчатися. Тож, пропонуємо вам підбірку цікавих он-лайн курсів для теплих вечорів!

Ukrainians created a house where you don't need gas and water for living


Engineers and architects from a Ukrainian start-up presented a prototype of the first house in the world that exists autonomously without power and water supply. The project is called PassivDom.

Solar panel production facilities are to be launched in Ukraine

Alternative energy in UkraineUkraine’s attention is increasingly focused on promotion of alternative energy. In Dnipropetrovsky Region, they plan to build facilities for solar panel production, as Internet resource Informat referring to Dnepr24 informs.

It is the first time the private company received a license for the uranium mining in Ukraine

Mining in UkraineThe Nuclear Energy Systems of Ukraine company has received the permission for the development of four promising uranium deposits without conducting of auctions. According to the decrees No.92-95, from the 28th of February 2017, the license was issued by the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine.

How Ukrainian woman fought with a mine in the International Court

Mines in UkraineA few years ago Alla Vakiv, a citizen of the Silets village in Lviv region, together with her neighbour got 65,000 Euro in the European Court of Human Rights as a moral compensation for the decades of living in the zone of ecological disaster. 

Ukraine has banned the moose hunting for the following 25 years

Mooze hunting in Ukraine

The moose hunting in Ukraine has been banned since the 3rd of February 2017. The moratorium will be operating for the following 25 years. Ostap Semerak, the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine has signed the corresponding decree.

New eco car is going to be launched in Ukraine

EurocarEurocar company is considering launching a new business class hybrid model Skoda Superb in 2019. According to Olena Chepizhko, a head of public relations department, a new model will be created on MQB platform and will be charged from household electric.

14-year-old Ukrainian student has invented a revolutionary method of polythene recycling

Ukrainian representatives at I-SWEEEP 2017 A lyceum student from Mariupol won the Intel Eco-Ukraine Fair 2017. It took place in February with support of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Intel Corporation and National Ecological Natural Center.

First fluorescent lamps and thermometers recycling plant has been opened in Lviv

fluorescent lampsRecently the fluorescent lamps recycling line has been officially opened near Lviv. European Union provided grant funds for the project. Today it is the only factory in Ukraine that can remove the mercury and convert it to a liquid state.

The first Climate Education Forum-2016 starts in Kyiv

Climate Education Forum 2016 in KyivA three-day ]]>Climate Education Forum 2016]]> in Kyiv will take place on August 10-12. The Forum will be devoted to enlightening youth on climate change issues within formal and informal education programs, and it will also provide a communication platform for a dialogue between educators and social activists.

Climate activist missing, after being kidnapped by armed men in Crimea, Ukraine

Kateryna ButkoUpdate: As of the evening, March 11, the missing activists and journalists are released. Their physical condition is satisfactory. Details and reasons for detention are being investigated. Thanks to everyone who helped.


My friend and local climate organizer in Ukraine Kateryna Butko is missing, after having been detained by the armed men on a checkpoint between the mainland Ukraine and Crimean peninsula yesterday, the 9th of March. Allegedly, they were Russian military men who have been unanimously patrolling the peninsula in large numbers after Russian President Putin announced intervention to Crimea.


Kateryna and two other young women, one on whom a journalist, are associated with a pro-democracy movement Maidan and were having Ukrainian national flags, as well as letters of support to Ukrainian soldiers from the mainland with them in a car, which may have been a reason for the armed men’s reaction. Until now, the women’s location and destiny remain unknown.

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